Our method:

Act like an entrepreneur, think like a lawyer.

Human Resources

At our law firm, we provide support for all matters pertaining to human resources. Trust in our legal advice in the human resources sector and you will always be on the safe side.

Especially at small to medium-sized businesses, there are often not enough time and resources to handle every issue related to human resources work. Larger companies also are not always able to take the necessary time. Our law firm has considerable expertise and experience in the field of human resources and supports your company with professional legal advice. We will work with you to review whether there is a need to adapt to the legal framework conditions at your company.


Business Consulting

Successfully and profitably managing a company requires a defined plan from the onset, from market entry, to the foundation and operation, through to termination. As a result of comprehensive experience in all four fields of consulting, we are able to offer you and your company highly precise legal advice.

We do not just know the legal framework conditions and laws; we are also very familiar with the economic reality and processes at companies. Our law firm’s motto is:

“Act like an entrepreneur, think like a lawyer.”

Examples of business consulting requirements,
depending on the respective life cycle of your company:

1. Market entry

  • Market analysis
  • Industry
  • Property
  • Place of incorporation
  • etc.

2. Foundation

  • Corporate law
    • Articles of association
    • Foundation documents 
  • Commercial law
  • NeuFöG (Start-up Funding Act)
  • Labour law
    • Managing director agreement
    • Employment agreement
    • Notice of employment
  • Tenancy law
  • Homepage (imprint)
  • etc.

Tax Consultant

  • OEGK registration
  • VAT ID and tax ID number application
  • Accounting system selection
  • etc.

3. Operation

  • Patent, trademark, design law
  • Data protection / DSGVO
  • Labour law (individual and collective
  • Corporate law
    • Acquisition
    • Merger
    • General
    • Due diligence
    • Power of attorney and commercial power of attorney
  • Dunning / collections
  • Public procurement law
  • etc.

Tax Consultant

  • Tax law
  • Payroll accounting
  • Balance sheet / annual financial statement
  • Tax returns
  • Financial forecasts
  • etc.

4. Termination

  • Succession
  • Dissolution
  • Insolvency
  • Commercial register entries

 Tax Consultant

  • Share valuation
  • Liquidation balance sheet
  • etc.

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