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expertise & quality

The highest quality legal advice awaits you at our law firm in Villach, Austria. Expertise and quality are our primary objective in our daily work. We support our clients in all legal matters. As a result of years of experience at and with companies, we have special expertise in the field of labour law.

You can expect the highest legal quality from us in all matters.

„If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

This statement from Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, is more apropos than ever.

The modern world is complex: laws, markets, competitors and target groups are constantly changing. The demands made on companies are high: anticipating trends and opinions, satisfying stakeholders and staying a step ahead of the competition, all in compliance with the legal framework conditions, often in different countries.

We advise and
assist you in the following

  • Legal consulting
  • Human resources consulting
  • Business consulting

Fluent expertise in english

As a result of my international work for a variety of companies, including Dominic David Stamfords, a corporate law firm in Sydney, I am also fluent in English. My qualifications include, for instance, drafting contracts and providing legal consultation in English.


Mag. Birgitta Winkler LL.M. (Sydney)

Registered mediator

As an attorney, I have considerable experience and have worked in a variety of positions. During my many years of employment at companies and law firms, I have acquired considerable knowledge and expertise regarding the legal needs and challenges related to organisations. As a result, business consulting is one of my specialities. I also worked internationally for several large companies in the legal sector, including Dominic David Stamfords, a corporate law firm in Sydney with branch offices in Australia and Asia. I am familiar with both sides and can therefore provide our clients excellent legal advice.

I look forward to meeting with
you at my law firm.

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